• When you purchase a watch, make sure you understand all the features. Make sure to read the warranty that came with the watch. If your don’t contact any of our branches for advise.

  • If you have mechanical watch, wind it in a clockwise direction, preferably about the same time each day. Remove the watch from you wrist when winding it so as not to place undue pressure on the stem.

  • Only an expert jeweller or watchmaker should work on your timepiece.

  • Replace broken or scratched crystals (glass covering your face) immediately as even a hairline crack can let dust and moisture into the time-keeping mechanism.

  • Replace the battery in a quartz watch before it runs out. Dead batteries left in the watch can leak or corrode.

  • If your watch is water resistant, you can give a quick cleaning with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Dry the watch with a soft cloth after cleaning
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